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Feeling Pretty. Part III / Sentirse guapa. Parte III

What I listen while I am composing this post
Lo que escucho mientras escribo este post:

      How to have a great year start?... 

Feeling pretty is an option, don´t you think?. This time, I don´t mean on the outside, with a gorgeus outfit or taking care of your hair style, as the ideas I shared with you in the first and second part of this post serie, that is also good, of course. 
Today I want to talk about how to feel pretty inside, that is on my life priorities.

      And thinking about this, I watched a Youtube video made by a blogger that I follow, and I found it amazing. Her name is Belén and her blog:

      At the end of this post you will understand the reason why this post is dedicated to Belén. I want to let her know that is on my list of people who made my year 2014 better.

       Thank you Belén, because you made me laugh with each of your videos, thank you also for your daily mood, creativity and because your job and your personality inspire me and make me be better.

    ¿Cómo empezar bien el año?... 

Sintiéndote guapa es una buena opción, ¿no te parece?. Esta vez, no me refiero a físicamente, eligiendo un look genial o cuidando tu peinado, como las ideas que compartí contigo en la parte I y II de esta serie de Post, que también esta muy bien, claro. 
Hoy quiero hablarte de sentirte guapa por dentro, algo que personalmente considero fundamental y esta en mis prioridades vitales.

      Y pensando sobre esto, vi un vídeo de una blogger a la que sigo y que me parece muy especial. Se llama Belén y su Blog: .

      Luego entenderás por qué Dedico este post a Belén. Quiero aprovechar para decirle que ella esta en mi lista de personas a las que agradezco algo en mi año 2014.

       Gracias Belén, porque me haces reir en cada uno de tus vídeos, por tu humor, creatividad y porque tu trabajo y forma de ser me inspiran y me hacen ser mejor.

Picture from her blog / Imagen de su blog :

In one of her videos on Youtube, she proposed an exercise to have a year happy ending, and is this that i want to suggest to day to have a good start this new year, feeling pretty inside! :)

En uno de los vídeos de su canal de Youtube, propone un ejercicio para terminar bien el año, y es el que quiero hoy yo proponerte para que empieces bien 2015 sintiendote guap@ por dentro! :).

Picture from / Imagen de  Pinterest

And what is this exercise about?

As the video is only available in Spanish, here i give you some details what the exercise is about, guide step by step

The objective is to be thankful and realize how many people you have around that made your year better and made you feel great :).

   #1.- It is as simple as taking a pen and divide in two columns a piece of paper, one for your personal life and the other one for professional. The exercise will take you around 30 really worth it minutes or so.

   #2.- Start for example with the professional column. Thinking about your 2014 year review, write the name of the people who have made your year better and because of that you feel thankful.

          - For instance, a job colleague that help you with some report, the one that make you smile or someone that teach you something that matter.

    #3.- Same here with your personal life in the other column of the paper. 

            - Find for example, your mother who give you a hug when you most needed, a friend that call you to hang out, your neighbour that say hello every time you see each other.

      #4.- Once you have finished, and as something aditional you can say thank you to anyone on your list and explain why you feel that way. 

              - You can text them, give a call, chat on facebook, on skype or even better if you want face to face.

¿Y en qué consiste el ejercicio?

Ella te lo explica en el video  y en el post que te dejo a continuación, :).


You are also on my list, yes, you who read my blog. Because I felt happy to know that the visits to my site were growing in 2014 and there is somebody there outside in the world spending time on my dream. It is why I want to say Thank You! :).

 también estas en mi lista, si, tú que lees mi blog. Porque me siento feliz que el número de visitas de mi blog haya crecido en 2014 y pensar que hay alguien en alguna parte del mundo que dedica tiempo a leer mi sueño. Es por ello por lo que te quiero dar las Gracias por hacer mi 2014 mejor! :)

Hope that inspire you, 
make you feel pretty inside and realize how lucky you are! :).

¡ Espero que te inspire, 
te haga sentir guap@ por dentro y darte cuenta de lo afortunad@ que eres! :)

Picture from / Imagen de  Pinterest



Picture from / Imagen de  Pinterest

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      ¡¡ GRACIAS POR LEERME!! :) 

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